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Trainee Testimonials

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Dr. Mehak Baber Ali

It was an amazing experience for me to have interned with the dedicated team at All About Teeth.

Under the watchful guidance of Dr. Noeen, the whole team at All About Teeth is extremely professional and technically sound at their job. The working environment is welcoming and induces perfection.

Dr. Noeen is a mentor to many. He taught me many things, most importantly, to always aim for excellence. Exposure to latest dental practices and equipment under his guidance has been an invaluable experience for my dental career. He is a gifted dental practitioner, who has honed his skills with years of hard work. His attention to detail and drive to achieve the highest standards of dental excellence is truly inspirational.

I am grateful to the whole team at All About Teeth for giving me the opportunity to intern in their setup.

Dr. Adeena Shahid

I’m Amcolian by heart 😊
It was a great desire to experience dentistry with Dr Noeen since the time i came across him first by one of his presentations on cleft lip and palate cases with the title “Diamonds in the Sky” at IADSR conference in Lahore. By then,i was in the 3rd year of my undergraduate studies.
Later on, during the final year we got that opportunity to meet him at our parent institute AFID for “career” counseling session for which we owe to Dr Hammad Hassan as well.

Finally after the completion of my house job I’ve got this chance to work at his clinic as intern for which I’m grateful to all abut teeth team and my family of course.

Today i confess that I’ve , once again, fallen in love with dentistry after working at his beautiful set up. The otherwise tough competition, less opportunistic environment and corrupt services create a sad dilemma for the young graduates because of which most of them get frustrated and finally start hating the choice of profession they had made a few years ago desperately, i became one of those i must say.

As others say, I’ve experienced now that AAT provides a serene environment to learn, love and practice dentistry
Dr Noeen is the teacher of teachers and a great person so yeah its always a huge pleasure to observe him working and so is his wonderful team. I can’t praise enough the standards he has maintained at his practice and the patient dealing and management.

Looking forward to learn and get motivation more in the coming days.
Proud to be a part of this amazing team

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